Anchor Straps, Side-Buckle

Anchor Straps, Side-Buckle

Sling-Style Anchor Straps

securing the line to the anchor points

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8ft Sling straps w/ 2" heavy duty, non-stretch, non-slip polyester, designed for high abrasion applications such as tree trunks. Thickness of .070 of an inch with a breaking strength of 2000lbs.

If using the trunk of a tree as an anchor point and it's wider than 2 feet, the 8' strap will not reach around it. Get two straps and combine them together to make a 12 ft strap or choose a branch if possible.

The formula for diameter is d = C/3.14 so if using the 8ft strap (circumference) then 8 ÷ 3.14 = 2.5 feet in diameter. Diameter is the width of the tree so any tree over 2.5 feet wide won't work with just one 8 ft strap.

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Find two trees (or posts or polls) high enough so that the rope can run over the heads of most people.The sling strap is 8 feet long which will work on most trees but larger trunks will require using two of the straps together. Attach one end of the strap to the carabiner. Wrap the strap around the tree, post, or branch as many times as needed, then thread the other end D-ring through the carabiner and pull out, adjusting and pulling at the same time. Alternately, you can clip the carabiner into both D-rings. Refer to the second image above. Look below to view the video.