Cable Clamps, Saddle - 1 Pair

Cable Clamps, Saddle - 1 Pair

Bungee Line Tensioner, 16mm

Bungee Line Tensioner, 16mm

System Track Hardware, 1 Extra Dog

components for one dog added to the Sky Track or Cable Run

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You must select for either the rope system or the cable system below. 

If you have already purchased the portable rope Sky Track or the permanent Cable System and need to add one more dog to the line, this kit contains everything you need to accommodate another pet:

  • 2 bumpers (blue bumpers are currently replaced by the black rope clamps)
  • 1 Pulley
  • 1 Carabiner
  • 1 Neck-safe Bungee

This extra dog kit does not include rope/cable, straps, ratchets, tensioners, nor the gear bag. This kit is not intended to replace an aerial dog run system, but rather to add one dog to an already existing system.


Choose between the portable rope system below or the permanent cable system. Leashes are also discounted under "Lateral Movement".

Thread the two bumpers onto one end of the line. Attach the pulley in between the bumpers and secure with the carabiner. Attach the Neck-safe Bungee onto the carabiner. You can use your own leash or one of ours to connect your pet's harness to the Bungee by either clipping the Bungee to your leash directly or threading the Bungee through the leash handle and clipping it back onto itself.