Cable Bumper - 1 Pair

Include the Cable Clamps?

Cable Bumper - Safeguard Your Pup's Freedom! Tailored for Outdoor Dog Lovers 

Enjoy worry-free outdoor adventures with your furry friend, knowing they're safe and secure with our premium-quality Cable Bumper.

  • Safety Assurance: Ensure worry-free playtime with your pup, knowing they're protected from accidents.

  • Hassle-Free Setup: Spend less time on installation and more time enjoying the outdoors with your furry friend.

  • Enhanced Durability: Trust in the long-lasting quality of our Cable Bumper for all your outdoor adventures.

Secure your furry friend's outdoor adventures with a Cable Bumper. Tailored for dog owners who cherish worry-free playtime, our innovative bumpers ensure seamless pulley movement while maintaining a safe distance from obstacles. Designed to fit seamlessly into your outdoor routine, each set guarantees tangle-free roaming for your canine companion. With durable construction and easy installation, Cable Bumper is the ultimate solution for those who prioritize safety and freedom for their four-legged friends. Say goodbye to tangled messes and hello to endless outdoor fun!

Key Benefits of the Cable Bumper

  • Tangle-Free Freedom: Enjoy uninterrupted playtime as your pup explores without getting tangled in obstacles.

  • Safety Barrier: Ensure your dog's safety by maintaining a secure distance from trees and posts during outdoor adventures.

  • Easy Installation: Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying outdoor fun with quick and hassle-free installation of Cable Bumper.

Top Features of the Cable Bumper

  • Pulley Protection: Prevent pulley contact with hardware, ensuring smooth movement and minimizing the risk of accidents during outdoor play.

  • Customizable Fit: Tailor Cable Bumper to your pack's needs, ensuring each furry friend enjoys a personalized and secure roaming experience.

  • Durable Construction: Trust in Cable Bumper's robust materials, built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting safety for your adventurous pup.

All Features of the Cable Bumper 

  • Pulley protection to prevent accidents

  • Customizable fit for each dog

  • Durable construction for outdoor durability

  • Hassle-free installation for quick setup

  • Maintains safe distance from trees and posts

  • Suitable for use with up to 1/4th inch cable

Tech Specs of the Cable Bumper

  • Compatible with up to 1/4th inch cable

  • Includes one pair of cable bumpers

  • Requires one set of rubber balls + one set of saddle clamps per dog