Chew-Resistant Leash


Chew-Resistant Leash: Secure Freedom for Active Dog Owners!

Enjoy worry-free outdoor adventures with our Chew-Resistant Leash, crafted for active dog owners seeking durability and convenience in every outing.

  • Durability: Rely on our leash's robust construction to withstand chewers, ensuring worry-free outdoor fun.
  • Versatility: Seamlessly switch between activities with the detachable handle, offering convenience for every outing.
  • Freedom: Give your dog ample space to roam with a stretchable leash, keeping them safely by your side on adventures.

Unleash worry-free adventures with our Chew-Resistant Dog Leash, tailored for the spirited dog owner who craves outdoor excursions without leash-chewing concerns. Crafted from robust 4mm metal cable, reinforced with vinyl sheathing, it's the ultimate solution for dogs with a penchant for chewing through their leads. Originally designed for use with the Neck-Safe Bungee on the Sky Track or Cable Dog Run, its versatile design also makes it a reliable walking leash. With a stretchable length from 4ft to 8ft, it offers ample roaming space while ensuring your furry companion stays securely by your side. Say goodbye to leash woes and embrace boundless adventures together.

Key Benefits of the Chew-Resistant Leash

  • Chew-Proof Durability: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your leash can withstand even the most determined chewers, keeping your outdoor adventures stress-free.

  • Versatile Functionality: Transition seamlessly between outdoor activities and walks with the detachable handle, ensuring convenience for any outing with your furry friend.

  • Secure Roaming: Give your dog the freedom to explore with a stretchable leash that extends from 4 ft to 8ft, providing ample room for safe and secure roaming without tangles.

Top Features of the Chew-Resistant Leash

  • Robust Metal Construction: Built to last with durable 4mm metal cable and vinyl sheathing, ensuring your leash can withstand even the toughest chewers for long-lasting reliability on your outdoor adventures.
  • Detachable Handle: Enjoy versatility in use with the ability to easily detach the handle, seamlessly transitioning between outdoor activities and walks, providing convenience for every outing with your beloved pup.
  • Stretchable Length: Experience freedom with a leash that stretches from 4ft to 8ft, offering ample room for your furry companion to roam while keeping them securely by your side, ensuring worry-free exploration on your outdoor escapades.

All Features of the Chew-Resistant Leash

  • Chew-resistant metal cable construction

  • Vinyl-sheathed for added durability

  • Detachable handle for versatile use

  • Compatible with Neck-Safe Bungee

  • Suitable for Sky Track or Cable Dog Run

  • Extends from 4 ft to 8ft for ample roaming space

Tech Specs of the Chew-Resistant Leash

  • Made from 4mm metal cable

  • Vinyl sheathed

  • Measures 4 ft in length

  • Stretches to 8ft due to coiled section


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Will T.

Solid product and well built.

Linda L.

Truly chew-proof

Glenn D.
Hook broke after 2.5 years

See photo. Contacted company hoping they will consider replacing it at no charge, since the breakage appears to be from a defect in construction and we have only ever used it on the zip line.

Hi Glenn. Thank you for providing some feedback and we are sorry for the broken hook on your leash. We hope your dog has been enjoying the Sky Track for these 2+ years. We are happy to replace the leash for you. Please reach out via the contact form on our site to confirm your shipping address.