Need the Carabiner?

For smooth mobility along the track, the pulley is versatile, lightweight, compact and strong.

Stamped aluminum sideplate, aluminum sheave, oilite bushing, riveted axle. Accommodates 6mm - 10mm rope and cable lines.


Secure the pulley directly onto the line with the carabiner. If you already have a carabiner, make sure it is oval-shaped, roughly 2" x 3.5" in size. 

The pulley can also be used to change a line angle or to add a middle anchor point. For example, if you have a straight line system but you want to create a "V-shape" configuration, you can use a combination of an anchor strap, a carabiner, and the pulley to do so.


Customer Reviews

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Darrell E.

Rover pulley

John U.

Dog Runner Pulley

Wore out

My dog has been on his runner about 3 months and has worn this thing to nothing. Saw him struggling to pull his lead and when I checked, he was down to the axle. This is on a 3/8 cable so it fits the range specified

Hi Kevin. We always love to hear from our customers...even when everything is not perfect. Thanks for sharing your feedback. And we are glad to see your dog must really be enjoying his Sky Track to wear out a pulley like this. We will be getting a new pulley sent out to you. Please reach out via our contact form on the website just to confirm your shipping address.