Cable Dog Run, Permanent

Cable Dog Run, Permanent

Sky Track Dog Run, Portable

1-dog rope line, customizable up to 3 dogs below

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Instruction Cards: click on "Instructions" tab above, which are also included inside each mailed order.

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Product update: The blue twist-style bumpers/rope stops you may have seen in the directions, photos, or videos are no longer being made and are now replaced with the Rope Clamp. The Rope Clamp is 3x stronger than the twist-bumpers, compatible with any rope between 7mm – 11mm in diameter, and better suited for all dog sizes and activity levels. 

Tested for durability and safety, the Rover Roamer Sky Track maximizes your pets roaming area in many outdoor situations and environments. Great for camping but also very useful for behavior management for chewing, digging, and runaway dogs. The system is easily modified for up to three dogs. See diagram images. Use a third anchor to create a V-configuration or 4 points to create three separate lines.

The Sky Track performs well in all weather but its strength lies in its portability function, making it perfect for camping, outdoor events, travel, front yards, etc. But if you're looking for a permanent system, we also offer a totally customizable Cable Edition Dog Run for fenceless yards and ranches. But if you're planning on using this portable system as a mostly permanent set-up, indicate below and we'll add enough saddle clamps for you to make 2 permanent rope loops and to better secure the bumpers.

The standard Sky Track Kit contains 50 feet of 8.5mm Nightline1 Pulley, 1 Carabiner, 2 x 6ft Side Buckle Anchor Straps, 2 Ratches, 1 Neck-Safe Bungee Segment, 2 Rope Clamps (as bumpers), 1 Rope Clamp (for extra wide trees), 1 bungee Line Tensioner (2x for lines over 100'), a large Gear Bag capable of storing up to 200 feet of 8.5mm rope plus hardware for up to 3 dogs, and 5 Instruction Cards in the rope compartment.

The rope length determines the track length, customizable to 400 feet (inquire about longer lengths). The Pulley allows for smooth movement; the Carabiner connects the pulley to the line; each strap wraps around an anchor point. The Ratchets tighten the line from both sides; the two Rope Clamps create a safe distance from the anchor points to prevent leash and dog from wrapping around the tree or post; the Rope Clamp also functions to wrap the line around large trees, and the Bungee Line Tensioner keeps the line taut at all times while also adding flexibility to the system.


Purpose: Portabiliy vs. Semi-Permanent Use. If you plan to use the Sky Track all year long as a permanent fixuture but want to be able to move it around the yard or travel with it easily, choose this option. We will add saddle clamps to further secure the line and improve long-term tension depending upon your configuration.

Rope Length and Strap Length: Add rope length if you have multiple dogs and the space to accomodate them. The 6ft straps can accommodate trees under 2 ft in diameter. Add an extra strap and connect them together to make a 12 ft strap, and so on. Girthier tree trunks like old pines and redwoods may require you to wrap the rope around the tree and secure it with the Rope Clamp, which offers extra dual functions both to replace a lost Clamp or Ratchet. It even replaces an Anchor Strap by securing a loop around the tree using secondary rope. Great insurance for a small price.

Dog Sizes: We use different sized bungee cords depending upon the size of the dog to ensure proper stretch. For example, XL dogs get a 15mm bungee cord instead of the usual 5mm/9mm combo bungee for small dogs. Medium-Large dogs recieve a continuous 10mm bungee. For very strong, active dogs over 60 lbs, choose XL size.

TIP: When you have two large trees, use the extra Rope Clamp to secure the line around one tree, then combine the two 6' straps together to make one 12' strap to accomodate the other tree.

How many dogs on 1 line? Dogs separated on one line require an additional set of hardware (pulley, carabiner, 2 Rope Clamps, and the Neck Safe Bungee Segment).

Lateral Roaming: This affects how much lateral movement the dog enjoys on each side of the line. Because the line is usually placed overhead, a shorter leash may not be long enough to reach the ground. Our heavy duty 6-foot retractable leashes is recommended for small to medium or less active breeds; the Bungee Leash allows 10 ft of comfortable stretch for dogs up to 60 lbs; and the Chew-Proof Leash is perfect for chewers and all dog sizes S - XL. Of course, you can always just use your own leash in combination with the included Neck-Safe Bungee Segment (replaced with a 16mm segment for XL dogs). 

Visit our Accessories Page to complete the system with leashes, harnesses, and pet supplies. Visit our problem-solving page for any component and slack issues, concerns, or dog behavioral issues you're having. Scroll down below for full photo instructions. Convenient instruction and problem-solving cards included inside the XL Gear Bag.

Rover Roamer Sky Track Aerial Dog Run Portable Instruction Guide

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